The band and I had a great time in the studio at KYRS in Spokane! Thanks to Neal Hallgarth for a super fun interview! 
THIS IS IT! We're headed out to the great Northwest for the Northwest "Pristine Machine" Tour today! We want to give a BIG THANKS to Lagunitas and Guayaki for fueling us with tons of beverages!!!

First stop! Vintage Wine Bar in Redding, CA! Show starts at 7:00pm. Tickets are $5. 

Doors 8:00pm - Show 9:00pm

So STOKED!  The band and I are heading back to Slim's this Sat, June 25 to open for the incredibly bad-ass, wickedly attractive and amazing artist Aubrie Sellers!  You can still get tickets here!​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​I'm hoping to gather all the peeps and support we can for this one! We want YOU to help us make this event as rowdy as we can!  So, set up carpools and caravans, rally your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors, arch nemeses, (maybe not the last one...no scowls allowed), and join us at Slim's for a darn-good-times night!!! 



Opening for Dave Alvin & Phil Alvin​​​​​​​
Santa Cruz 
Doors 7:30pm - Show 8:30pm, $25 Advance, $30 Door
Get your tickets here!

So excited to be opening for the Alvin Brothers this Thursday at Moe's Alley in beautiful Santa Cruz!  Ben Dubin and I are gonna play duo style for this one!  We have had the chance to open for them before, and man, they are so amazing!  I have been a big fan of these guys for some time and I am really looking forward to sharing the stage with them again!!!
In July, we're headin' north to Portland and Seattle! Tour is still in the works, but we're ready to gas up the van and hit the open road! Stay tuned for dates! 

Finally, I am SO excited to share that I've signed with Notable Artists Management!!! I'm honored to be working with Sheila Groves-Tracey and Bill Bowker! Both are industry veterans in the biz, and I'm looking forward to some exciting things happening with the team!!!! :)

Heck Yeah! NBC's show Grimm featured Whiskey Bottle Friday, April 22! A huge thanks to Castle Peak Music  for making it happen!  And a big thanks to Dan Taylor at the Press Democrat for the AWESOME article about my song being on NBC's Grimm

So, OK... here's the deal - It will appears in the first two minutes of the show - there's going to be a scene where a guy is driving a truck and gets into an accident. Whiskey Bottle will be playing on his radio! Click on this link and watch! :)


Happy New Year!!! Thanks to Jim Corbett for putting on such an awesome New Year's Eve show! We were stoked to be a part of it!! :) A big thanks to Jason Baldwin for the awesome pic!!!

​The Band and I will be sharing the stage with the amazing The Highway Poets at the Sebastopol Community Cultural Center! Tickets are $18 advance; $25 at the door. Full Bar, Huge Dance Floor, Lagunitas Beer, Wine, Free Midnight Champagne! Don't miss it!! 


Here's a video from last New Year's at 755 After Dark! 
This Friday, Nov 27 marks the day that the band and I are going to howl and play our hearts out on the  Mystic Theatre stage.  It's going to be a sweet co-bill with the incredible T Sisters and special guest Arann Harris!  The T Sister are actual sisters, that have charm for days, ridiculously contagious tunes, and harmonies that can only be described as effortlessly perfect.  As for Arann Harris... There is no one like Arann.  He is a pure one of a kind and one of the most entertaining, hilarious, and endearing performers out there!

A huge thank you to Josh Windmiller with the North Bay Hootenannyfor putting this show together!  As for Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, yes it will be that day.  For those who seek to partake in the madness, I say "onward and good luck", but then I immensely encourage you to come shake off that madness with us at the Mystic that night!   Tickets are $16.  Bring family, friends, neighbors, co-workers...!  We'll be playing some new songs from the new album "Restless Wanderer" which is gonna be released next Spring!


Have a Happy Thanksgiving and see you this Friday night! 


I've been super busy in the studio finishing up the final tracks for my new album which is coming out next spring! It's gonna be called "Restless Wanderer". Seriously stoked on how this record is turning out. The band kills it! I'll be sending more updates on this soon!!!

The band and I getting ready for the BIG BIG BIG BIG SHOW at the Mystic Theatre, Friday, Nov 27 at 8pm with the T Sisters and special guest Arann Harris!  A huge thanks to Josh Windmiller with the North Bay Hootenanny for putting on this epic show!  The day after Thanksgiving!!! Tickets are $16.  We're going to be filming the event so come on out and party with us!! 
The Band and I are getting ready for the FAR-West Regional Folk Alliance next week in Oakland! We're going to be SUPER busy! Like our trip to Kansas City earlier this year, it's going to be a crazy time in those hallways! I'll be sure to tweet and instagram some pics! Thanks to all the PGS room sponsors for hosting us! 

10/15 - The Maple Lounge - 10:30pm
10/15 - Jim & Maurice's Totally Legit Showcase - 11:30pm
10/15 - Mother Hen Promotions - 1:30am
10/16 - LilFest - 10:30pm
10/16 - Circle of Song - 12:00am
10/16 - Ten Dollar Pony - 1:00am 
10/17 - The Bum Wagler Show - 11:30pm
10/17 - Ragged Union Bluegrass - 12:30am
10/17 - Dr. Bill's Listening Lounge - 1:30am


I had an AWESOME time in Michigan and OH! Thanks to everyone for having me out! Can't wait to go back! 

Pump House Concert host and Michigan State fan Smitty and I hangin after the show! Thanks Smitty!


Here I am at Natalie's, in Worthington Ohio, after an incredibly good time songwriter-in-the-round with Elena Gallagher, Jason Blankenship, and host Eric Gnezda!

Thanks to everyone who came out to hang with us at Slim's! A big thanks to awesome photographer Jason Baldwin for taking the pics, KFOG Radio, Slim's, San Geronimo and the The Good Bad for a great show!
Hey! Last minute gig! The band and I are heading to the East Bay tonight Friday, July 24! We're stoked to be asked to play at the Starry Night's in Brentwood Summer Concert series! It's happening at City Park at Downtown Brentwood! Come on out - it's free! We'll be playing from 7pm-9pm! 
The band and I are playing at the Rivertown Revival in Petaluma next weekend, Sat. July 18! We're stoked to be sharing the stage with such an amazing line up of bands!  We'll be headlining the Barn Stage at 7PM. Hope you can come out and support the David Yearsley River Heritage Center, and the Friends of the Petaluma River at Steamer Landing Park. Tickets are only $10! I'll have my new Limited Edition "Live Sessions" EPs available at the merch booth along with new tank tops! See you there!  
I can't believe Ben and I get to open for the 2CELLOS at Well's Fargo Center this Friday night!  

Hey Friends, 

The band and I are going to Kansas City!  The incredible Folk Alliance Conference in Kansas City is an awesome opportunity to mix and mingle with top industry people, labels, festival buyers, and of course other artists!  We have six showcases lined up for me to play. All we got to do is get there!  Ha.  Truth is, it is not cheap to get to the conference in Kansas City... There's flights, hotels, upright bass rentals for Ben Dubin, registration...   

That's why I decided to reach out to you to invite you to a benefit show THIS SUNDAY (Feb 15th, 7:30PM).   All the donations at the show will go towards the band and me to get out there so we can work our networking magic and sing our hearts out! 

Jim Corbett and Oliver's Market have generously helped out to make this show happen!!!   

The show is going to be a FULL BAND SHOW at SUBUD HALL in Sebastopol!  It's a very cool venue/church.  OLIVER'S MARKET IS DONATING DELICIOUS FOOD!!!  There will also be cold beer and wine available for sale.  :) 

Suggested Donation is $15 to $25 at the door (which is at 6:30PM)

Hope to see ya there!   



(Scroll down for the fancier version of the details)  ;)
This Saturday, Dec. 13, the band and I will be on WEST COAST LIVE!  I am super stoked!  It's in Healdsburg at the Healdsburg Shed!  10:00 a.m.  Limited tickets right here!

I am super stoked to be headlining a solo show at the Mystic Theatre.  What's also a big deal is that I am sharing the stage with two incredible singer songwriters who will also be playing solo:  John Craigie and Sam Chase!  You don't want to miss this show.  For tickets, click HERE! 


KRCB is having their 30th Birthday Bash at Lagunitas on Monday, October 27!  My band and I are honored to be a part of it!  There will be dinner, raffle, live music, and beer, of course.  5:30 to 8:30.
Sold out show at Twin Oaks!  Thank you all for coming out and partying with us!

Sebastopol! I love you! Thank you all for coming out and dancing! Thanks Peacetown Music Series for inviting us to play! What a super great time!

I'm honored to play the PETALUMA MUSIC FESTIVAL this Saturday, August 2nd, on the Pavilion Stage from 5:30-6:30.   Come on out to support the cause of keeping music in our schools!!!!!!!!!!

On July 25th (This Friday) I will be playing in Kemmerer WY at the Oyster Ridge Music Festival!!!  My set is at 2PM.  Take the day off and have a good time with family and friends...  For free!
Truckee!  We're coming back!  We'll be playing Moody's Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights!  Can't wait to see you!

Can you tell I was super stoked to be playing the KATE WOLF MUSIC FESTIVAL!

Thanks to Sterling Munksgard for taking these photos (except band one).

There will be videos coming...


Dave Sampson rockin' the Kate Wolf Music Festival.


Linden Reed killing it on the drums at the Kate Wolf Music Festival.


Ben Dubin, amazing,on the bass and harmonica on the main stage at the Kate Wolf Music Festival.

Just got back from a rockin' fun tour and now the band and I are super stoked to be playing the


Come join us!  Get your tickets here!

We'll be playing ALL THREE DAYS!

Friday:   9:00 p.m.  Utahpia Stage

Saturday:  3:00 p.m.  Arlo-Owl Stage

Sunday:  11:00 a.m.  Red Tail Hawk Meadow Stage - We'll be on the MAIN STAGE! 

Climb out of your sleeping bag, grab some coffee, and let's get this Sunday party started!

We're headin' out and on the road.  Check out the show schedule to see if we are coming by you!

Thank you all for coming out to the Mystic on Saturday and being so darn enthusiastic!  You made it an awesome night!  Here's a video that came from that party.  More videos coming...  

This Saturday, June 7th, the band and I have the pleasure of playing with the Highway Poets and the Bootleg Honey's!  What a party!  Come join us at the Mystic in Petaluma.  Show starts at 8:00 and my band will be playing in the middle slot.    Check out the videos below...  
Today - Sunday, April 13th, I'll be playing, with my band,  at the Apple Blossom Festival from 3:00 - 5:00 on the back stage.    Here's the link.  Apple Blossom Festival!
As part of The Glaser Songwriter's Showcase, I'll be doing a SOLO, ACOUSTIC concert on Saturday, April 5th.  I am writing new songs and getting ready!  

What's special about a solo, acoustic show?…  Well, they are more intimate and more about the songs...  I tell more stories.  You can hear the lyrics.   Bill Bowker from the KRSH will be emceeing!  And, it will be a fully seated concert style show.   Get your tickets right here...  


Santa Cruz folks!  This Friday night, March 28th, I'll be playing at the Crepe Place, along with Bryn Loosely and the Back Pages.  Come early!  I think I go on at 9:00.  I went to UC Santa Cruz.  I loved it there.   Can't wait to be back in town.

This weekend, March 7th and 8th, the band and I will be back at Moody's Bistro, Bar, and Beats in Truckee - one of our favorite places to play.  Looking forward to seeing all the fabulous Truckee folk again.  It's always a party!
Hey friends!  

Thank you all so much for the unbelievable support you've given me!    It's certainly been a wild ride!      

Truth is, I auditioned for American Idol to get my music out there and it absolutely did that!!!  I knew that Americana music was not a typical genre for Idol, so I am incredibly stoked to have made it to the top 100!  It was an intense process, super stressful, but it was also very exciting and while I did not make it through the group round, I am very very happy that I did it.

The song that I sang in my first audition for the judges was "In Hell I Am".  I am currently finishing up the studio recording of it and it will be out as my new single very soon!    Sign up on my email list to be the first to know!

Amazing opportunities have arisen from my time on American Idol and I am very excited for the future!  
I seriously have the best fans ever!  Thank you so much!  <3

You don't want to miss minute 21 of the above video…..
Hi Everyone,  

Well, so, people are wondering what happened with me last night (Feb. 5).    Obviously, I have no control over what is aired or not aired on American Idol and they did have 212 people to get through.  So all I can do is give you a recap of what actually happened with me in Hollywood, up to this point.  

I did not have to perform in the airplane hanger.  I didn't KNOW that I wouldn't have to perform though, so I was as nervous as everyone else.   I believe that the people that were chosen to perform in the hanger were people who had received two yes's from the judges.  I had received three yes's from the judges in my original audition, so I was FREE!  I got to ride a bus to the hotel.  Yippee!

In the solo round, I sang "My Babe" by Little Walter.  They didn't show me singing and it looked as if I were cut at that point, but I was NOT.  I MADE IT THROUGH!!! Whoohoo!  

Later in the show, you do see me working with my group, preparing for the group rounds.  I think there are now 100 contestants left (out of 75,000!!). 

Hey, at least my cat ...and my hat... got some airtime.  It's all good. 

Howdy Folks,
   Hollywood Week begins this week!   I  believe I may show up on the show.  I say "may" because you never really know if you will be in the program or end up on the cutting room floor.  All I can tell you for sure is that I made it to Hollywood.  I was there.  We'll all have to watch this Wednesday and Thursday (Feb 5th & 6th) to see what makes it on the air.  Thanks again for your support through this all!



Hi Folks,

Thank you all for your super kind words regarding my American Idol audition.  They were the best birthday presents ever!

I'm working on recording the song I sang on American Idol.  It's called "In Hell I Am", by the way.  Sign up on the email list and you'll be the first to know when it's ready.  

This is a crazy adventure.  Thanks for sharing and posting and tweeting.  I'm super stoked to have your support through it all.  


"Wow.  David is the real thing.  He has soul.  He has passion.  He has talent.  HE CAN SING!  If Harry doesn't like this guy, I'm so done….David is, without, a doubt, different than just about everyone else who has auditioned.  But he has talent.  And I think he could show everyone a thing or two."

Click here for full article from Idol Radio Show


"The best David since Cook was David Luning, a singer-songwriter.  He sang an original tune, which is a fresh edition to the series.  I loved his voice.  I could buy his record.  He is a Dark Horse and potential front runner."

Quote from Overflowing Light


"You can now officially remove the 'small town' label from David Luning's resume…..  72,000 singers tried out and there were 212 subsequent Golden Tickets awarded. Luning has one of those….  

Click here for full article by Bill Pinella

"The judges chuckled about the dark intensity of David's self penned ditty, but the blues and the grit and the way-down-in-it intensity of the performance was mesmerizing."

Click here for full article by Michael Slezak
"He sang an original song that was an honest-to-God good song. It seriously could have been a record with an extremely unique hard-driving alt-country sound that was aggressive and simple at the same time."

Click here for full article by Andrew Pane
"Another original performance and another favorite of mine.  I really, really, really like this guy.  He's a complete natural entertainer and clearly a true musician. "

American Idol Net

Performance Review By Janet Dove, Sonoma Country Folk Society

My message is: If you haven’t been out to see and hear David Luning perform, you have missed a great show! I’ve been lucky enough to catch this Forestville musician twice in the last couple of months, both times thanks to Schaef-Abel Productions—Laurie Schaeffer and Greg Abel. (Check out northbaylive.com for their upcoming shows.)

This 26-year old local performer is wise and talented and witty far beyond his years. Think John Prine, in a younger version. I can’t put my finger on any one thing about him that I like best, because he has it all! His song- writing is so insightful that I wonder how he seemingly has picked up so much life experience already! He shares and tells on himself. He gives us his analysis of this “Big Old Goofy World”. His wit and sly smile give the audi- ence the impression that he “gets it” already. David has a perfect Americana voice, and his phrasing and pauses are professional and always well-executed. Those of us active in the local music community believe that David may well be “going places”.

He can entertain and delight large crowds, using only himself, his guitar and his harmonica. What with me being a folkie, this is the way I prefer to hear David. However, his CD “Just Drop on By” proves what can be done when other musicians are involved—wow! The bottom line is—when the opportunity arises, get out and enjoy this man’s talent! He might just knock your socks off.

You can check out his upcoming performance schedule at davidluning.com 

Review posted in August Sonoma County Folk Society



Homecoming Show at Hopmonk.  Thanks everyone partying with us!

The Tour Begins - Thanks Truckee!

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night with a song continually running through your head making it very difficult to sleep?  It's usually a song that you happened to be fond of, which is the very reason it is in your head in the first place.  Well, I'm currently sleep deprived and here to tell you that David Luning's debut album entitled "Just Drop on By", is full of those songs....and that's a really good thing.

Just Drop on By is the best Americana Music album I've heard in 2012.  It's full of alluring, enticing and embracing songs that keep you coming back for more, almost like you've become a Luning addict and you absolutely need it.  From the driving guitar licks in Whiskey Bottle to the corn spun sing along in My Baby Blues on Wheels, Just Drop on By never disappoints, making you want to become best friends with this album in a hurry. Lyrically, David pens like a musical veteran with splashes of humor, wit and human analysis showing the influence of his heroes John Prine, Hayes Carll and Todd Snider.   Dynamically, many of Luning's songs have been created to subliminally influence the listener.  Those songs start quietly, maybe acoustically, then slowly build adding instruments until the band is all together in full companionship ringing true with an extended hand that the listener wants to grab a hold of and jump on board.  The highlight of the album could be Bed of Roses, a song so good and so familiar sounding it makes you think you've already heard it somewhere before.  One can't help but be awash in smiles and sways from start to finish.

In the month that I have been reviewing Just Drop on By, each song has become cemented in my head ringing true and will certainly stand the test of time. Every listen creates more excitement, more passion and more impatience as I can't wait to get to the next song and the next song after that.  At his young age, David Luning has created a phenomenal experience, one that the masses shall enjoy, and one that hopefully is the older sibling to even greater entertainment in the future.... if that is even possible."


Johnny Bazzano, host of Your Aveerage Abalone, a roots music program heard the first and third Mondays from 8 to 10 pm on KRCB 91.1 in Santa Rosa, California