"Clean, pure vocals, simple yet thoughtful, and effective lyrics with a great hook. The multiple talents of David Luning are clearly exhibited in Restless. He has set the bar high with thoughtful and unique styling, well-crafted lyrics and versatile vocals. I have a feeling this artist will make a notable mark with this exceptional work." 

-J. Alan Taylor, The Alternate Root (2.17)

"Luning's new album, Restless, is as down to earth as his upbringing."

-John Platt, WFUV (2.5.17)


“David Luning’s new CD Restless is a fun ride, with something for everyone…it rocks hard, then it rocks soft, then it rocks hard some more!  Love it!’

- Ralph Anybody, KPIG-FM, Morning Drive DJ/MD/Production


“Luning rises to the occasion with a polished, confident collection of country rock and Americana music that's both radio-ready and emotionally resonant.”

-Charlie Swanson, The Bohemian (2.1.17)


“He raised his own profile and graduated to a new level of polish and professionalism.”

-Dan Taylor, Press Democrat (2.2.17)


“David Luning and his band are earning their accolades in the best way possible - simply by being good at what they do and by working hard...After a quick spin, it’s evident that Luning shares some of his mentor’s approach; his songs - like Prine’s - are delivered in a deceivingly simple style that comes across as unadorned truth. Luning’s melodies are catchy and hummable, and not a syllable or guitar lick is wasted. It’s a refreshing and mature listen in a world of overly-quantized and auto-tuned artists all desperately and loudly vying for attention.”

-Joe Armstrong, Independent’s Day Podcast (1.25.17)


“His ode to life on the road, “Driftin” hits all the right notes. The call-and-response between the vocal and the guitar in the chorus is just downright smart writing.”

-Jeremy Burchard, Wide Open Country (1.13.17)


“However, one listen to his craft warrants the understanding of not only a concise product, but an authentic talent...The rock n’ roll-tinged Americana debut, slated for a February 3rd release, covers poignant instances of loss and disarray, but bravery and growth all the same.”

-Jake Kussmaul, Music Existence (1.8.17)


“Thankfully, there’s no sign of Luning stopping soon — that really fun party’s just getting started.”

-Angela Stefano, The Boot (12.7.17)

“Staunch originality, no one’s doing what you do…good singer songwriter, story-telling guy” 

-  Keith Urban 


“Luning has what I’d call an effortlessly resonant voice that allows him to play with a band or solo, standing alone on a stage strumming an acoustic guitar.”

- Paul Liberatore Marin, IJ (1.17.17)


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